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From small businesses to large commercial and industrial facilities, companies in London depend on their heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment to keep the doors open and their employees working. Any breakdowns or malfunctions in critical HVAC systems could result in significant losses of profit and productivity, a cost many businesses simply cannot afford.

At Fan Solutions our expert team is available anytime, 24/7, for help with any heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration problems your business may encounter. We serve businesses throughout London and the greater London area. We provide a full range of services, including HVACR replacement and retrofits, repairs, routine maintenance, emergency service, and more.

Fan Solutions is a London-based Climate Control and Air Conditioning Installer of carbon footprint-reducing Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Heating systems.

One of the components of a pleasant stay in a cafe and restaurant is a comfortable microclimate. The large area of enterprises and the differences in the requirements for the house, administrative building, standard room, and kitchen make the air conditioning system complex and expensive. The project for the installation of climate equipment must comply with building codes and sound standards. It is better to entrust the selection and installation of equipment for a cafe and restaurant to professionals.

The main feature of the duct-type climate system is the distribution of flows through the air ducts. The air conditioner consists of an indoor and outdoor unit, through which the refrigerant flows in a closed circuit. The interior module is equipped with a powerful fan to overcome the aerodynamic friction in the air ducts. Concealed installation of equipment does not disturb the interior of buildings. Appliances and air ducts are hidden under the false ceiling.

Air conditioners for restaurants have now become a necessity in the food and beverage industry. Restaurant air conditioners, which are necessary for guests to have their meals comfortably and enjoyably, make you forget their existence with their silent operation features, and they do not cause any decoration problems in your spaces with their easy installation.

Working with high efficiency at low temperatures, restaurant air conditioner models always create healthy air with their antibacterial filters while considering the comfort of your guests. Restaurant air conditioners, which provide maximum efficiency by consuming minimum energy with their being class A, protect you from high electricity bills by offering budget-friendly solutions.

You can choose the air conditioner model that will create a privilege for your space among living room, cassette, ducted, and ceiling air conditioners. You can give your guests a perfect dining experience with restaurant air conditioner models, which are the perfect solution for large spaces.

• Chillers, heat pumps and fan coils to provide a complete solution.
• Low noise level for maximum comfort.
• Minimize waste energy consumption with integrated heat recovery.
• Reduce installation costs through remote monitoring.

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