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New Extraction & Ventilation

We install new commercial ventilation systems in factories and industrial buildings to efficiently remove fumes and odors. Units that maintain negative air pressure can also be used to prevent dirty air from circulating around the building.

In many shops, machinery and equipment generate a significant amount of heat during operation. Our commercial heating and ventilation specifications take this into account when calculating the efficient air handling solution for your shop. Our project managers will work with you to calculate exactly what is required from your new or replacement system. We will ensure that the unit has the appropriate capacity for the heat load produced in your business.

Ventilation systems work by removing stale air from a building while allowing fresh, fresh air to enter from the outside. This improves overall air quality by providing a flow of fresh air to your workplace.

Extraction & Ventilation Cleaning Service

Ventilation systems in restaurants are exposed to dirt, dust and oil as in any ventilation system.

Dirt, oil etc. Since it clogs the ventilation channels and causes them to deteriorate, the ventilation channel should be cleaned every 5 years. Another important point is that the oils accumulating in the ventilation channels cause a fire if it is not cleaned thoroughly and professionally.

In the harsh environment of the commercial kitchen, it is essential to rely on an effective hood system to keep the work environment safe and clean, while protecting expensive equipment from the accumulation of damaged oil. Fortunately, manufacturers are now producing ventilation systems that are lighter, more durable, and better able to meet the stringent demands placed on them.

Kitchen chimney cleaning is an activity applied for cleaning the hoods and oily duct systems and additional units in the kitchens. During this cleaning, alkaline products and heavily soiled surfaces are cleaned. At this stage, the use of foaming mechanisms is mandatory. With this foaming mechanism, degreasers act on the separation and dissolution of all accumulated oily surfaces. Agents that are beneficial in foam production and chemicals that penetrate deep into the surfaces allow this process to be applied in a very practical way. So, in which places are these procedures applied? First of all, it should be noted that kitchen chimneys are located in almost all building structures. The cooking systems in this place work primarily in connection with a hood and aspirator that performs oil retention, and then in connection with the chimney channels. Here is the distinctive feature; are the business kitchens where food production is frequent. Partitions, also called industrial kitchens, are the most hygienic environments in these businesses. In particular, food productions in hotels, small businesses such as cafeterias, restaurants and restaurants, factories and companies that provide continuous and serial food production should be subject to this cleaning program.

Extraction & Ventilation Repair

The extractor has started making an unusual noise or sounds slow to start then you should give us a call. Strange noises, damaged blades, worn or bent bearings, how left unchecked can cause complete failure. Fans that are slow to start to require a full replacement as the motor in the fan is likely to not be running properly.

Whatever your problem, at Fan Solutions we will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and get your extraction system back up and running.

Extraction & Ventilation Replacement

Our engineers supply and fit all major extraction fan brands at the most competitive prices.
Every commercial kitchen has a different need and a different resistance against which the exhaust hood has to operate. Therefore we can supply a variety.

Commercial-Kitchen-VentilationExtracted air must be replaced to maintain atmospheric pressure. The negative balance caused by the lack of make-up air will result in inefficient fans, increased outside air leaks, and an uncomfortable working environment. This air must be fresh and this can be natural or mechanical. Mechanical air is often a solution when working with large systems. Ceiling diffusers are some of the equipment used to provide backup air in commercial kitchens. Wall and island hoods are best suited for use with diffusers. Another option would be to use a plenum in the kitchen hood. The plenum can be in front of or behind the hood. When using mechanical air systems, make sure they are directed to the hot working positions.

A backup air system can take air from a rooftop unit, then filter, heat, and cool it to meet IAQ standards. The system can also draw air from the dining area to meet some of the reserve air demands in the kitchen. Doing so not only increases the comfort of the kitchen staff but also prevents odors from drifting into the dining area. Using air conditioners and fans is another way to ensure workers’ comfort.

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