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24Hour Callout

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Emergency Fan Repair

Ventilation breakdowns can lead to various problems. They can make living conditions highly uncomfortable and the grease fin the air can make the walls dirty. If your ventilation system is faulty, get in touch with us. We will be right up there in no time!

Functioning commercial kitchen exhaust fans and commercial extractor fans are essential in commercial kitchens. In addition to extracting kitchen smoke, fumes, steam, and smells – a commercial kitchen exhaust fan extracts oil and grease. Any oil or grease that has accumulated inside the fans and motors of commercial kitchen exhaust fans can eventually damage the impellers or worse – the electric motors.

Fan Solutions have got you covered – from commercial kitchen exhaust fan repairs and installation to quality maintenance. We have an experienced team of technicians that cater to clients in London, Birmingham, Brighton, and other cities and have a strong reputation for quality, reliability, and efficiency that has been built up over years of commercial kitchen exhaust fans repair industry experience.

As well as supplying quality Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Fan products and offering restaurant exhaust fan repair and installation, we provide a range of other services to ensure your exhaust fan products perform and last. Without the proper maintenance, an exhaust fan system requires – even the best system will start to deteriorate and offer sub-standard performance. That is why we offer commercial kitchen exhaust fans repair maintenance services that are conducted on a regular basis to ensure the best results.

A greasy kitchen exhaust fan will clog up the works in more ways than one. Establishing when to clean your kitchen exhaust fan system (which includes the exhaust fan) depends on a number of factors, but regular maintenance is important no matter what.
To ensure a trouble-free operation of a kitchen exhaust fan – exhaust fan manufacturers suggest certain maintenance guidelines. Most problems associated with exhaust fan failures can be directly related to poor service and maintenance. For that reason, following a regular and documented maintenance schedule is imperative!

Whether it is for a cafe, pub, club, kebab shop, restaurant, or other commercial kitchens in London – Fan Solutions exhaust fan repairs and installation services are second to none.

Fan Solutions are experienced technicians with the repairs of a wide range of commercial kitchen exhaust fans and we provide on-site services to inspect, repair, and replace a wide range of commercial kitchen exhaust fans.

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