What is Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System?

Most of the tasks in commercial kitchens are performed with relatively simple appliances. Stoves provide a flame for cooking, refrigerators keep food cold and knives cut. However, one of the most important exceptions to this principle is a commercial kitchen ventilation system.

What appears to be a simple box that allows air to escape is actually a complex system of interconnected parts that must work together for efficient ventilation.

In the harsh environment of the commercial kitchen, it is essential to rely on an effective hood system to keep the work environment safe and clean, while protecting expensive equipment from the accumulation of damaged oil. Fortunately, manufacturers are now producing ventilation systems that are lighter, more durable, and better able to meet the stringent demands placed on them.

Removing the smoke and debris necessary to keep a commercial kitchen ventilation system working is a complex process. An exhaust system has many working parts; The equipment starts directly above the cooking surface and extends to the roof of the building.

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